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Dreams Agency Ltd is one of the U.Ks leading promotional staffing agencies which also runs divisions throughout Europe, The United States and Australia. Our network of staff is currently just over 30,000 and growing everyday. Our database currently consists of 94% females and 6% male staff. We are also one of the only agencies who have built their own bespoke booking & management system, which allows us 100% control.

During the past year we have notice a huge amount of female staff on our site, this being logging into their account for work or applying to join our agency. We currently receive over 60 new applicants per day with a current database of 30,000

So how can we help you?

Everyday we hundreds of staff pass through our site, as this is the only way apply for jobs or register with us. If you have previously worked with us you would have noticed we created you a bespoke shortlist of staff.

Our 30,000 staff login to their accounts mostly to do...


  • Apply for a job

  • Update their photos

  • Reply to a client message 

  • Update their information 

  • Check status on shortlisted jobs

  • Check status on booked jobs

Every single day we receive a huge amount of traffic via our staff and who pass two crucial advertising spaces:

1) Login - We offer a huge space for video / Photography banner advertising where every single user will see. They will have to view your advert before logging in. The clicks per staff is also recorded and we can monitor each staff (DEMO available). Staff will login everytime they are invited into a new job:

Email - Our system can send 30,000 job alerts in one go, this will encourage all staff to login 

Text - Our system sends job text alerts to all staff in the specified area, this avoid email spam

Social Media - We have setup private social media pages away from the general public which allow us to post job ads asking staff to login. 
Telephone - Our office bookers will also call staff to check availability and ask them to login to their accounts.

2) Signup





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