Sue – International Development Director

Sue has been at the agency since 2010 and plays a vital part in the general running of the agency. Sue is mostly responsible for expanding the agency globally and is often jet setting off to various countries setting up our international branches. During 2014 Sue opened up x10 international branches and is planning to open another x3 this year. Sue also manages all international bookings as well as managing part of the promotional staff team.

Sue has been in the industry longer than anyone and has an outstanding record of 30 years in the promotional marketing sector

Dean – Global Management Director

Dean founded Dreams in 2010 and has always worked in the sales and marketing industry, he's a real go getter and the real drive behind the agency. He works on new business bookings, marketing, clothing, international bookings and the general running of the agency, so basically does a bit of everything. He's a very fair and easy going guy, but at the same time very firm if needed.

Amy - Florida Bookings Manager

Amy started her career at Dreams Agency in the summer of 2014 and is a true asset to the agency. Amy transferred across to our Miami office in the summer of 2018 and is responsible for new business, staff management, staff portfolio control, bookings and recruitment. Due to Amy succeeding so much in our U.K division a promotion to Miami was only a matter of time and now she heads up her own team.


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