Exhibition Staff

We are the only promotional staffing agency in the US which has a specialized exhibition staff division. When booking promotional staff you can be rest assured our staff will all have extensive exhibition experience, will be outgoing and able to promote your brand, reliable, hardworking and of course attractive. You will be able to select your team of staff from a handpicked shortlist featuring only staff in our specialized exhibition staff division. These staff are booked on a weekly basis and always receive fantastic feedback. 

Unlike lots of agencies we have a strict interview process and require all staff to meet our standards and prove they have what it takes to be part of this specialized division. We see lots of rival agencies advertising for staff on Facebook and this always leads to poor quality of staff and reliability problems, we can assure you this does not happen within our specialized exhibition staff division.

Leaflet Distrubution

Dreams Agency has a specialized exhibition staff / trade show division which features highly experienced, intelligent and beautiful promotional models. All of the promotional models are locally based and we cover the whole of the US. Our team can assist you with many duties such as leafleting, data capture, meet & greet clients hostess work, product demonstration, Costume work, registration staff and sales whilst working the trade shows. Promotional modelsare tyically hired for their looks and are 

Hospitality Work

You may be planning on having a small bar area setup on your stand and if so our experienced hostess staff will happily manage this during your exhibition. You may wish to serve free refreshments (food or drink) which adds a very nice welcome touch to the stand and again our staff will take care of this for you.

Data Capture

This is key for all exhibitions and capturing the data of potential clients is extremely important. Our staff will walk around the exhibition hall or around the stand and scan visitor badges/ collect business cards or manually collect details. Our staff can also take down client data by using I-pads and show small presentations on the I-pads. I-pad hire is also available through our agency so please ask for further information.

Meet and Greet

When potential clients approach your stand, the first impression is vital. Our attractive & approachable staff will greet guests and talk briefly about your products & services. This is also very important when your sales team are busy assisting other clients. If visitors approach a busy stand and all the sales team are busy then they will simply walk to the next stand, meaning you could potential big business. Our meet & greet staff will ensure you don't lose any potential business and will keep them entertained until you are free.

Product Demonstration

Our product demonstration team will be able to demonstrate any product you have, leaving your sales team free to talk to potential clients and close any orders. Our staff will arrive fully briefed on your products followed by a final briefing by your team before the event starts. Our team will be able to demonstrate any product you have to offer and can also help with competitions and games.

Brand Promotion

Promotional models also known as trade show models and are extremely important for brand awareness. Having our attractive staff working on your stand can have a huge impact for getting your brand noticed. Our promotional models can be dressed in various outfits which we can brand featuring your name, logos and colours. With the majority of our events the promotional models are often photographed by guests and with the guests and this then leads to a social media world wide spread featuring our models in your branding. Remember we provide both male and female promotional models.

Sales Staff

We also have experienced sales staff on board who can assist with generating new business and dealing with existing clients. We all know that during exhibitions you often have to take the whole Salesforce out of the office/off the road leaving the office with no sales staff, why not leave some of your experienced sales staff in the office and book some of our experienced sales staff to help at the exhibition?

Costume Staff

When placing a staff member into a costume for a day plus you need to carefully think who our placing into this role. Our costume staff are experienced in costume work, meaning they know how to get the most out of it. Staying energetic, exciting, fresh and motivated all day in a costume will prove very tricky for someone with no experience and could potentially ruin the campaign if done wrong, our costume staff work these events on a weekly basis and so will deliver the best performance possible.

Registration Staff

Our registration staff are booked for various exhibitions across the whole of the UK on a weekly basis and if you have attended an event recently you would have most likely met our staff. Our registration staff are normally situated at the entrance of exhibitions and will assist with registering exhibitor/visitor badges and will scan badges on entering the exhibition.

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