Feedback is extremely important at Dreams Agency and we always love to hear our clients feedback. If you have a few spare minutes would you mind completely the below form, any feedback good or bad is very much appreciated.

From the summer of 2018 we have introduced Award Badges which our clients can reward. The full list is featured here and if you want to select one then please do below, it will then appear on their profile & will help with future bookings

What the Badges mean

Early Bird

The staff person arrived early for every shift and was awarded the Early bird. It’s always vital to arrive early for every shift as this gives you time to meet the team, prepare and have a final briefing. Arriving early each shows you are reliable and eager to get started with the day’s work

Highly Recommended 

This award is only given out to those who have really worked for it and who the staff bookers at Dreams feel deserve it. These staff are reliable, hardworking and always receive positive feedback. They are really lovely people to work with and those who we would personally book ourselves. 

Goes the extra Mile

This staff person could not do enough to please the client. They went above and aboard to ensure the event was a huge success. This honourable award was given to the member of staff by a recent client.

Excellent Customer Service

This member of staff displayed excellent customer service skills whilst dealing with guests and clients. They interacted extremely well with guests and handled all situations extremely well whilst keeping everyone very happy. This award was given to the staff by a recent client.

5 Star Award

This member of staff was simply outstanding, ticked all the boxes and pleased our client very much. It’s also very likely that this member of staff will be hired again by the client who awarded them the 5 star award. You don’t get any better than this! Award given direct from the client.

Sales Legend

This legendary sales person could sell ice to the Eskimos! Awarded by their client, they proved they have excellent sales skills and made a huge difference recently for our client. Not everyone has the ability to sell, but this particular person clearly did. Award given direct from the client.

Cheerful Staff

This member of staff is such a cheerful and up beat member of staff. In the promotional industry it’s vital to have cheerful and happy staff, really promotes the brand in a positive way. Award given to this member of staff direct from the client.

Passionate Staff

This member of staff really showed they were generally interested and passionate about what they promoting recently. Finding passionate staff is key and really helps promote the product / service if they are passionate and believe in it. Award given to this member of staff direct from the client.

Outgoing Staff

This member of staff showed they were very outgoing whilst working a recent event. Having outgoing staff is vital and people are always drawn to outgoing individuals. Award given to this member of staff direct from the client.

Staff of the day

This member of staff was given this award by one of our clients recently and achieve the best employee award. Winning this is a great achievement as they would have beaten lots of other staff. This award is a general top performer award for the day consisting of all members of staff working.

Always Grateful

This particular member has shown gratitude which is always refreshing to see. This award would have been awarded by the client or agency. From time to time we see staff thanking the agency and clients for booking them and giving them the opportunity.

Absolutely gorgeous

This particular member of staff has been awarded this by a recent client. This member of staff always kept themselves in a very clean and professional way and looked as gorgeous in real life as they do in their profile pictures.


This staff member has been given the Hero award by our client. This would have been awarded for many reasons but generally our client was so grateful for having them on board and felt they really saved the day and made such a huge impact.

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