Help me secure bookings

Securing bookings in this very competitive industry can at times be very tough, but over the years we have found ways that can help you. If you follow the below guide then we are certain this will help you. 

Remember only you can make this happen and you must always update your profile as this is your online promotional CV.

1) Always Login to your account

Remember the ONLY WAY to apply for jobs is by logging into your account. When you apply online your profile is automatically sent to our client. Click HERE to see how our booking process works.

2) Photos on your profile

It's vital to ensure your images are clear and represent you in the best possible way. We always suggest having a mixture of images and try to avoid too many lingerie ones (if you have any). Below we have listed some examples of good and bad profiles.

Good profile images
Poor profile images

Things to avoid in your images:

1) Filters 
2) Pouting images 
3) Hair covering your face
4) Eating or Drinking in your photo
5) Photos with other people
6) Messy background or something distracting

3) Write a good biography

It's so important you write a strong and impressive biography as all client's read this. You have 800 characters available so really sell yourself and impress the client, it will make a huge difference.

4) Why should you book me?

Whenever you apply for a job you now have the opportunity to list why you should be booked. When the client clicks on your profile from the shortlist they will see your personal message, so write something impressive. 

5) Add a video to your profile

Adding a video is a brand new feature and we strongly recommend you making one. Ideally you will record yourself speaking for around a minute and talk about your working history and a little about yourself. This gives the client to the opportunity to see you in person and if allow your personality to stand out, so make it good. You can also send in other clips such as working, dancing, training or anything else you would like the client to see. We will simply mix the clips together.
IMPORTANT: You must shoot your video sideways as it won't work otherwise. Please ask if you need further assistance here. 

6) Feedback

After every shift you work our bookings team will send your client a feedback and also ask for individual feedback on you, so it's vital you impress your client during your shift. Maybe be cheeky and ask if they will complete the from once we send it. Once we receive your feedback it will be placed on your profile for everyone to see. 

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