Staff Login

Everyone at Dreams Agency will have their own personal account which you will have 24/7 access to and can edit whenever you want. Your login allows you to edit your profile, apply for jobs and view all current bookings,  unsuccessful jobs and shortlisting jobs. You will also be able to message co-workers and the booking staff via our new messaging system. Our system is like no other and have been custom built by our own in house tech team.

My Profile

When you login to your account you will automatically land on "My Profile". This page is your main profile and is up to you to ensure it looks as good as possible. You can edit and change anything at any time and everytime 

If you click edit you can update your Stats, Biography, Key Skills and your event history

Update Images
Here you can upload new images to your profile. These will need to be approved by admin so please allow 24 hours (week days) for these to be authorised. If images are not suitable or feature other people in your image then they will not be uploaded. 

Upload Invoice
If you are self employed then you can upload your event invoices via your account which will be sent to our account department

New feature for Autumn 2017 - Here you can message any of the Dreams bookers or any co-workers

Do you want to be notified when you are not successful for a job? As it stands if you are not selected for a particular job you will be told if you login into your account but not emailed. You now have the options to turn on "Rejection emails". We carried out a survey and we found 50% of staff like to receive emails when not successful and 50% don't like them, so now you can choose. You also have the option to turn the private messaging on/off. We recommend you keep it on

Job Invites

If we have a job which we feel is suitable for you then we will send you a job invite. This will be emailed to you and will also appear in your "Job invites" online. If you are interested and wish to be put forward for the role then you simply need to click apply and your profile will automatically be sent to our client for review. 

Shortlisted jobs

This section features all of the jobs you are currently being shortlisted for, so basically we are still waiting to hear back from the client. Clients can take a day to select their staff, while others can take up to a week. We will always keep you posted either way.

Booked Jobs

Here all of your booked jobs will feature here. This is a good way to keep track of your bookings. If you want to view your co-workers then you simply need to click "View Description" or "More Details"
You can even message your co-workers if you want to. 

Unsuccessful Jobs

Sadly the jobs you were not selected for will feature here. If you want to be emailed every time you are unsuccessful for a booking then you can turn turn your "Rejection emails" on in the notifications part in "My profile"

My Calendar

This is your personal calendar where all of your booked Dreams Agency jobs will appear in blue. If you are busy with other bookings or holidays then you can select the dates as unavailable and they will be marked Red, this means our system will know you are busy during these dates.

Open Job Board

The open job board is where you will find the majority of all jobs. If you wish to apply for any of the jobs then simply select "Apply". Just remember to only apply for jobs which are based in your local area as the travel costs will not cover you far to travel. Click "View Description" for more information on the role.

Applying for jobs

When you apply for a job you will need to select the date(s) you can work and then you have the option to write a short statement as to why you should be considered for the role. You don't have to complete this section but we believe it will help in a big way. This function "Why should you book me" was added 4th October 2017.

When the clients view the job shortlist and click on your profile then your personal message will appear like this.

How do the clients choose?

Each client at Dreams Agency is given a private shortlist link which is connect to our live booking system. Whenever you apply for a Dreams job your profile will simply appear on the clients shortlist. The client then clicks on the profile image which then opens your main profile featuring all of your images, Stats, biography, work history, key skills and your video (if you have made one, contact your booker for more info on the videos)

How do I get the Elite badge on my profile?

You Basically have to earn the Elite badge by receiving positive feedback, arriving on time and never late and checking in for each shift. The better you can perform will be rewarded by the agency. 

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