Product Sampling & Demonstration

The Dreams Agency Product Sampling & Demonstration team offer highly experienced and reliable staff who work a wide range of sampling & demonstration campaigns on a daily basis.

Whenever you are showcasing your products you need potential customers to fully appreciate what you are offering them. Products simply left in boxes on the shelf will not often do the job, especially at an exhibition where the competition is very strong and you have over x100 other exhibitors in the same building. The Dreams Agency team will bring your products to life and can either offer samples to guests as they approach your selling area or even demonstrate the product, allowing them to feel and see your product in working action.

Quite often our clients are too busy to demonstrate/ sample products and need to concentrate on the sales and this is where our professional sampling & demonstration team come in. Our very approachable and experienced team have a huge amount of experience in this field and are able to quickly learn and grasp our client’s products.

Recommended events for Product Sampling

The answer to this is pretty much anything, however we have listed some common event types below.

  • High Street Promotion

  • Exhibitions & Trade Show

  • New Product & Service Launch

  • Trade Shows

  • Festivals

  • Night Club Promotion

  • Sporting Events

Where do you cover? (everywhere)

Can you create some branded outfits up?

Absolutely and having the girls dressed in the right attire is key and extremely important. You can have the most gorgeous booth babes working for you and if dressed in the wrong outfit the whole sex appeal can be lost. Our very in-house clothing team know exactly what works have been working in the clothing industry for over 15 years. Below are some examples of what we have created and by clicking the link lower down you can view full information.  

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