Registration Staff

The Dreams Agency Registration division offers highly experienced and reliable staff who work a wide range of Registration campaigns on a daily basis.

Registration staff are always needed no matter what the event, without these guys you have no control over who enters and recording the number, not to mention the safety aspect. Registration staff will assist show visitors in entering, making sure their passes are valid, controlling entrances & exists and physically registering visitors into the show.

All of the Dreams Agency registration staff know exactly what is required and work registration events on a daily basis. Each staff members is fully aware of the process and has worked with a number of registration systems ensuring a smooth and quick process with all show visitors. Our handpicked are very helpful, patient and efficient and are often booked as main registration teams for some of the biggest events in the UK.

Recommended events for Registration Staff

The answer to this is pretty much anything, however we have listed some common event types below.

  • Exhibitions & Trade Show

  • Conference Events

  • Hospitality Events

  • Festivals

  • Night Club Promotion

  • Sporting Events

  • Private Parties

Where do you cover? (everywhere)

Can you create some branded outfits up?

Absolutely and having the girls dressed in the right attire is key and extremely important. You can have the most gorgeous booth babes working for you and if dressed in the wrong outfit the whole sex appeal can be lost. Our very in-house clothing team know exactly what works have been working in the clothing industry for over 15 years. Below are some examples of what we have created and by clicking the link lower down you can view full information.  

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