Road Show Staff

The Dreams Agency Road Show division features friendly, outgoing and hardworking staff who work full time within our Road Show division and who work road shows on a daily basis.

Lots of companies both big and small often have the need to promote their products and services all over the UK and for a consistent period of time. This would then require a team of professional staff to work during the whole campaign and assist with everything including sales, leafleting, huge brand awareness, product sampling & demonstrating, presenting, DJ’s plus many more tasks & talents. The team would stay with the company for the whole campaign and travel together to all the required locations. Keeping the same team allows for the team to become familiar with the products & services and with the general flow of the campaign resulting in a much better performance.

Hiring the wrong Road Show staff can be extremely damaging and at times can be worse than having no staff at all. The Dreams Agency Staff have all been carefully handpicked and each have demonstrated time and time again to having the acquired key skills to run and take part in a promotional road show. We have worked with some of the biggest brand names in the world and know exactly what is required.

Recommended events for Road Show

The title basically sums up this division and this is simply for long road show campaigns where you require the same staff to tour with you.

  • Nationwide Promotions

  • New Product & Service Launch

  • Competition Signup

  • Trade Shows

  • Festivals

  • Night Club Promotions

  • Sporting Events

  • In Store Promotion

  • Business Promo Offers

Where do you cover? (everywhere)

Can you make us some branded outfits?

Absolutely and having the girls dressed in the right attire is key and extremely important. You can have the most gorgeous booth babes working for you and if dressed in the wrong outfit the whole sex appeal can be lost. Our very in-house clothing team know exactly what works have been working in the clothing industry for over 15 years. Below are some examples of what we have created and by clicking the link lower down you can view full information.  

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