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As you may be aware Dreams Agency are one of the only staffing agenices in the U.K to have built their own bespoke system and unlike lots of other agencies out there we like to be different and not use the same system as everyone else. We are always updating our system and this months updates are pretty good, please see below what's changed. 

1) Mobile Friendly 

We have now improved our system to allow it to work better with all mobile phones. The job invite, shortlisting and open job board were always very difficult to read and we have now made this a lot clearer.

2) Why should you book me?

Whenever you apply for a job you will have the opportunity to write a short statement as to why the client should book you. When the client clicks on your profile your statement will appear. NOTE: You will be able to write a new statement for every single job you apply, this allows you to change your short pitch and customise it to reflect on the particular job you are applying for.  - Below is what the clients see when they click on your profile.

3) Messaging Service

We have now developed a new messaging service for all of you. This allows you to message your booker or other Dreams Agency staff. You may wish to contact your colleagues who you are working with on an upcoming event. Take a look and see what you think. When you receive a new inbox message you will be alerted via your email. If you do not wish to use this service you do have the option to turn this off. 

4) Unsuccessful notifications on / off

Do you want to be notified when you are not successful for a job? As it stands if you are not selected for a particular job you will be told if you login into your account but not emailed. You now have the options to turn on "Rejection emails". We carried out a survey and we found 50% of staff like to receive emails when not successful and 50% don't like them, so now you can choose. You also have the option to turn the private messaging on/off. We recommend you keep it on.

5) Who am I working with?

If you are working with other Dreams Agency staff then you will be able to see a list of your co-workers by clicking into your Booked jobs and then clicking on the job description. You can also message your co-workers if needed.

6) Job Reference Numbers

We have now added an individual reference number for each job. This helps you and the staff bookers to know which job you are referring to if you have any questions. We also list the reference numbers on Facebook when adding a new job post.


Remember to add our private page on Facebook. Our private page is only available to Dreams Agency staff and Sue from the agency runs this page and is available most of the time. Sue also posts job alerts on here and will create a group chat if you are booked to work with any other Dreams Staff.


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